US Consider Removing Tactical Nukes From Europe

Nato Headquarters, Brussels -- The scene of US/NATO talks held today over the potential removing of TNMs is Europe

Today the influential Asahi Shimbun – a Japanese Newspaper- has said that the United States is in talks with NATO to remove U.S. tactical nuclear weapons from Europe in a push toward a nuclear-weapons-free world and to cut costs.

Washington is talking with other NATO member nations about the withdrawal of all shorter-range, tactical nuclear weapons that have been deployed in Europe since the Cold War era, the influential Asahi Shimbun said.

In-depth discussions will take place in coming months, and the talks should conclude by the time Chicago hosts a NATO summit next May, the liberal daily said, citing a senior U.S. official tasked with nuclear disarmament policies.

The talks are being held as part of NATO’s Defense and Deterrence Posture Review, said the report filed from the paper’s Washington bureau.

The move came as U.S. President Barack Obama wants to negotiate with Russia about reducing tactical nuclear weapons and nuclear stockpiles, following the ratification this year of the US-Russia New START disarmament treaty, it said.

A complete abolition coupled with President Obama’s decision to ditch the European element of the new Missile Defence System which was proposed back in 2009,  it could give impetus to U.S.-Russia nuclear disarmament talks.


2 Comments on “US Consider Removing Tactical Nukes From Europe”

  1. This is complete madness – treating Russia and China like friendly allies. The KGB still runs the Kremlin. The Maoists are still in the Chinese regime. World peace and nuclear disarmament were part of an active measures campaign undertaken in the 1970s by the KGB, and apparently was very effective at duping America’s (cough cough) “intellectuals.” World nuclear disarmament can only lead to consolidation at the top, or their possession by rogue states, which would feel even more compelled to utilize them. The hapless Obama can’t be removed from office soon enough.

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