Special Report: Cobham awarded over $72m in Long-term Contracts for Specialised Military Antennas

On the face of it, an average headline. However, for the No. 3 UK-based aerospace company, antenna systems represent a small market of the company’s forte. A change like this represents how important data link systems have become in the aerospace industry. As UAVs stretch further and further away, in more and more hostile environments, antenna systems represent big business.

Cobham has been awarded two contracts totaling more than US $72 million during the next six years through its newly-acquired Trivec-Avant business, which has become part of the Antenna Systems Strategic Business Unit. Cobham specialises in meeting the insatiable demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth in defence, security and commercial environments. Offering a technically diverse and innovative range of technologies and services, the Group protects lives and livelihoods,responding to customer needs with agility that differentiates it.

Couple this with the recent news that a new chief executive is soon to head the company, a familiar name since Sir Alan Cobham founded the company’s subsidiary in 1934, after Andy Stevens is due to leave from a back injury. For the future, Cobham Plc is definitely one to watch.

Image courtesy of defenceprocurementnews.com


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